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Why should you get the job?

Some of our work as coaches involves helping people with career progression – working out what is right for them, preparing for interview, etc. I guess that will increase in the next few months, as many people are seeking a

Look again, think differently

I like a Kaleidoscope – how you tweak the tube and watch the coloured shards of light tinkle into a different pattern. I write this in November 2020 as we face the second wave of COVID and I wonder whether

Coaching and Welshcakes

When I set up my business in 2019, I planned to call it ‘Welshcake’. My husband bought me the domain name as a secret Christmas gift. Then, a very sensible, business-minded friend said that it might create the wrong impression.

In the arena

I have put off creating this website for such a long time. When I launched my business last year, I told myself that I could build it through contacts and word of mouth and a website was superfluous. That worked

Let me help you rise to the challenge so that you can forge ahead with confidence and become the leader you want to be

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