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Coaching for Leadership

Leadership can be a lonely business particularly when the future is uncertain, there are difficult decisions to make and the pressure is on. Often, competing interests must be balanced and there may not be a ‘right’ solution that will suit everyone. It can feel as if there is never enough time to think things through and give your work the attention it deserves.

Over the years, I have had the advantage of working with some very smart people, who were superb listeners and provided a sounding board when I needed it. An hour with them was always worth the investment of time. They helped me clarify my thinking and find direction when the world was spinning. It is a pleasure and such a privilege to offer that much needed space to others.

Wouldn’t it be useful to work with someone you can trust absolutely, who understands your business but stands outside it? Someone who will listen when you need to let off steam? Someone who will help you kick away the worrying niggles and doubts so you can think, plan and make progress?

My coaching/ mentoring programme offers you 4 x 90minute sessions over a period of 1 year, with e-mail support between sessions where you need it. You decide how you use the sessions. Some people come to me with specific challenges while others want to stand back and take a wider view. Here are common themes:

Whatever is on your mind, let me help you think it through. I will support you but also stretch and challenge you, helping you find strategic focus, capture new ideas, build your resilience, and see different perspectives along the way.

Contact me for a no charge, no obligation discussion about how we could work together.

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