Returning to Work with Strength and Confidence


Workshop Programme

This popular workshop has been adapted to a programme of 3 x 2-hour online sessions to allow remote access. It is relevant for people from any professional background.

Research shows that when people are away from work, they quickly lose confidence in their professional skills, their ability to navigate working relationships and their capacity to keep everything going. If you have been away for a longer period, perhaps through family responsibilities such as parental leave, sickness, or furlough, it can be even trickier to believe in yourself as a professional. Covid19 has added to the complexity but it also opens new opportunities for working differently.

The confidence-building programme will set you up with an opportunity to thrive, both personally and professionally. Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 12. The sessions will not be recorded, and confidentiality will be respected. You will have space and time to talk about the challenges you face and begin to build a ‘return to work’ support network of people in a similar position.

The next open programme of 3 x 2-hour workshops will be run over 3 weeks in February/ March 2021, through Resolution ( and is available to members and non-members of Resolution.

The programme is also available to organisations for in-house delivery and can be tailored to your business needs.

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